Take care of our planet
together, one day at a time

365 to Zero is a knowledge hub for sustainable living.
We educate, connect and inspire a global community of people
and businesses to take care of our planet together.

365 to Zero is an ultimate goal. It’s impossible to eliminate waste
and pollution all at once, but by doing a little everyday, together we can
create a better environment for the trillions of lives on earth,
and the trillions of lives to come.

Brought to you with love by Mundane Matters.

How it started - a personal journey

Danling Xiao
Creative Director,
Mundane Matters

I never thought I would be a voice for the environment one day.

The environment was a gigantic elephant that belonged to the world, not me. For many generations, we have probably thought about it the same way. We have been too busy thinking about ourselves. The world doesn't belong to us.

In 2015, as I retreated from my full-time job, I started to learn about how much damage my lifestyle had been doing to the environment. My biggest shock came when I discovered my takeway coffee cups were mostly dumped in landfill. I learned more about the damage done by plastic bags, takeaway containers, plastic straws, animal farming and food waste.

It was overwhelming.

But then I realised I could make a small change. Each and everyday. I felt empowered. I began to live mindfully, to care more and to use my creativity to positively impact our environment.

Am I living a zero waste and carbon neutral life? The answer is no. I believe to achieve this life requires all of us - individuals, businesses and policy makers - to change together. Through 365 to Zero, I hope to join the dots and foster a global collaboration.

What’s 365 to Zero for you?

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The only way we can achieve our ultimate goal is to eliminate barriers and make information free for all.

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Fun tips & tricks

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Inspiring stories

You will learn about what other people, businesses and countries are doing to tackle environmental problems.

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Special deals

To make eco-friendly products more affordable for everyone, we will partner with brands and give out special deals.

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What more could one ask for if we could connect with like-minded people and co-create a better world?

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Business incubation

We will pass on our knowledge to help you build your own sustainability-driven projects or enterprises.

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We are launching 365 to Zero in February 2019.

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