365 to Zero is a knowledge hub for sustainable living.
We educate, connect and inspire a global community of people
and businesses to take care of our planet together.

Our mission

We believe in bringing people and sustainability-driven
businesses together to create positive change, one day at a time.
We guide people to make environmentally conscious
decisions in everyday life, and at the same time,
empower and grow the community of good businesses.

The people

The 365 to Zero community creates positive changes, both big and small.

Some of us have become aware of the challenges humankind faces and have started taking small steps to make positive change, each and everyday. Others have created inspiring and significant change over many years.

The businesses

We partner with businesses that share our vision for a zero-waste and carbon neutral future.

We advocate for businesses that help reduce waste and carbon emissions, improve life and bring enlightenment to humankind.

What’s on offer?

Contact us to find out how we can work together
  • 365 Stories 365 Stories

    We tell stories on social media, in the format of creative video, documentary and written words, to raise awareness, educate and entertain. Learn more
  • 365 Collab 365 Collab

    We join forces with selected social media influencers to ripple the impact of an environmental message. Learn more
  • 365 Goods 365 Goods

    An affiliate program with a selection of products and services that are strictly sustainability-driven. Coming in February 2019. Learn more